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  1. Comment by Golondolin90:

    I have just one question at the moment. Is Guenhwyvar a male,female, or do creatures from the astral plains have no gender? In the Icewind Dale Trilogy they refer to her as a he, but my dad and other readers refer to her as a she. I do think that I read in one of the books that Guenhwyvar was called a she. This is just bugging me. Thank you for your patience.


  2. Comment by laethyn:

    Guen is a she. At one point, there was an editing mistake that had her as a he. This was an error on the part of the editor.

  3. Comment by Dragon Master Po:

    What would be the player stats for Drizzt, Cattiebrie, Bruenor, Guenhwyvar, Wulfgar, Artemis Entreri, and Captain Deutermont. If you know some, but not all, thats just as cool. I’m just curious.

  4. Comment by pilage:

    Drizzt stats are on Wiards of the coast website
    I have seen the majority of the rest of the stats in the Forgotten Realms Campaign setting. Which i don’t have handy here. if any one else has those feel free to post.

  5. Comment by tyler is really cool:

    drizzt is just about the coolest book ive ever read its so freakin sweet!!!!!!!!

  6. Comment by darkelf:

    i know,he is the coolest character ever,hes my babydaddy.i cant wait for the orc king to come out i have read everything about drizzt,the exile,icewind trilogy,the legend of drizzt,the hunters blade,i cant wait for the new book. R.A salavtore rocks!!!

  7. Comment by Drizzt:

    i think tht the legend of drizzt series would make a great video game series and an even better movie series. i havnt seen him in anything except d&d (im not into tht at all) and a ps2 game called “baldur’s gate”. he is a hidden character. that is a great game lol. i would love to see some video games and movies. that would rock.

  8. Comment by Drizzt lova:

    I agree with Drizzt. The Drizzt books would make an awesome movie. But I didnt care for “Baldur’s Gate” very much i want to see a game based on Drizzt,Wulfgar,CattieBrie,etc…! I’m tired of just reading the books I love them and all but we need to see a MOVIE or GAME!!!!!!

  9. Comment by Dragon Master Po:

    First, thanks for the help with stats, that site for Drizzt’s worked! Also, a movie starring Drizzt, Cattiebire, Wulfgar and Bruenor would Rock!!! Question: who would be the main villain? The Drow from home, Artemis Entreri, Errtu, Some new insidious evil, thats a good question I think. Let me know what you think. Personally, i’d love to see some true to the book swordplay between Drizzt and Artemis but thats just me

  10. Comment by Icingdeath and twink:

    I havent read any of them but the first big collecters one how does drizzt get icingdeath and twinkle?????

  11. Comment by Icingdeath and twink:


  12. Comment by GuenhwyvarsShadow:

    He gets Icingdeath in the Icewindale trilogy, and I believe he gets Twinkle there too, but I’m not sure. It’s been a long time since I’ve read it. As far as how he actually gets them… you should keep reading. It’s no fun to tell you what’s going to happen!

  13. Comment by oleg:

    he got twinkle from the wizards i forget their names, one turned himself into a dog and another created the fog of fate

  14. Comment by sidneymcl:

    Looking for the legend of Gauntlegrim. I know it must be in 1 of my 126 books of Forgotten Realms and I have the need to refresh my memory as that is where Breunor and the gang are bound to go in the next adventure. Anyone know which volume? Email me at sidneymcl2000@yahoo.com.

  15. Comment by Zaknafein:

    Drizzt got Icingdeath from slaying a dragon of the same name with Wulfgar in the Icewind Dale Trilogy, and he got Twinkle from Malkor, the oldest Harkle wizard at the middle of The Halfling’s Gem.

  16. Comment by Drizzt lova:

    hey Personally i think that on the Drizzt Movies they should like make the first three books into a movie about him being in the underworld and trying to escape and stuff. then continue on makin him fight the drow and aremis and evey1 else but thats my opinion. From what the book says cattie brie looks like I think she should be in alot of scenes in the movies cause she sounds like she’s HOT!!!!

  17. Comment by Fantasy Freak:

    Drizzt gets twinkle from the wizard that he and Wulfgar meet on the way to Calimport to rescue Regis (who is of the Harpell familiy, complements to oleg). He gets Iceingdeath from the great white wyrm that he and Wulfgar kill in the IceWind region. On a more general note, I’m new to this site, but very familiar with the Drizzt books. I LOVE THEM! As I’m sure all you do.

  18. Comment by Fantasy Freak:

    I have often thought of a video game based of the Drizzt books, and that thought alone nearly put me in a comma of ecstasy. It would be the ulitmate video game. Yet as I’ve thought of it more and more, I’ve come the realization that it would have to be perfectly made. The thing I love about the books so much (and I assume that you all think the same way) is that Drizzt is so complex in his fighting style. When he and Artemis fought in the tower, the swordplay was so fast that it was described as a single, continuous ring of metal on metal. While this could be replicated in a movie, it would be nearly impossible in a video game. Sure, you’ve got your Soul Calibers and things that have complex combination fighting, but I would also want there to be large scale war fighting in the Drizzt video game. Putting those two together on such a detailed scale has never been done before, which brings me to the conclusion that unless they make a much bigger controller with many more buttons, the Drizzt video game will have a very hard time meeting my standards.

  19. Comment by Zaknafein:

    Drizzt actually appeared in a video game, Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance, but that game does nothing to compliment his complete and total BEASTLINESS!

  20. Comment by Entrerishadow:

    Wow, I had once played as Drizzt on Baldur’s Gate but I had no idea who he was at the time. Now that I have read all the books I realize that character was nothing compared to Drizzt in the books. Drizzt books are my all time favorites. What do you think will happen if Artemis ever finds out that Drizzt is still alive? What do you think Jaraxle will say?

  21. Comment by rick:

    He would definitely go and try and kill him and fail again

  22. Comment by haseo15:

    Ok, what do you guys think about a drizzt video game because i am going into game design as my profession and i think the drizzt books would be a great video game series and i was thinking about making one so tell me what you think and your ideas


  23. Comment by Masoj:

    Entreri cut ties w/ Jarlaxle in the third book of the sellswords, Road of the Patriarch D:

  24. Comment by Entrerishadow:

    haseo15, I think it is a great idea to make a game out of the books. I think it would be best if you based them directly from the books. Start out with Homeland and the rest of the Dark Elf Trilogy first. Those games would be awsome. I think it would be cool if the gameplay would be similar to that of Elder Scrolls games. Just think, you could levitate, create darkness, see in the dark, or summen a big cat any time you wanted to do so. One challenge would be trying to replicate Drizzt’s fighting style. If you could do that then it would be one hell of a game.

  25. Comment by Drizzt lova:

    haseo i think it would b great if u made a game but it would b really complex and you would have to dom alot of work but if u could pull it off u would b my hero! I would buy the game as soon as it came out then again i luv drizzt!

  26. Comment by haseo15:

    Entrerishadow, thank for the advice now do you and everyone else think it would be a good idea or bad idea to combine the tiriolgy’s into one game, and it would be complex to do it but i think if i can get a chance to make it and sit down with R.a. salvatore with it i cand make the games really great.


  27. Comment by haseo15:

    Another thing Entrerishadow if i make it like the elder scroll’s it might be hard to go along with the story and if i could get that down i could get the game to go on for probally over 100 HOURS of game play angain tell me what you think.


  28. Comment by rick:

    does anyone know if Drizzt is an Harper cause if not salvatore has to do a book on him becoming one

  29. Comment by Fullbody:

    As for the comment by Drizzt and haseo15, R.A Salvatore DID plot a game called Demon Stone. Unfortunately, Drizzt is not in the game. It DOES, however, have a certain half-drow rogue in it. So currently, there is no certain game concerning Drizzt.
    I guess you got dibs, Haseo15. ;)

  30. Comment by Fullbody:

    Icingdeath and twink: Drizzt gets Icingdeath as a treasure from -you guessed it- Icingdeath’s Hoard. He was looking for a few trinkets by unthawing the piles of gold using Wulfgar’s hammer. (Wulfgar was unconscious at the time) He pulled it out after digging around. He discovered it’s powers when fighting the demon Errtu. Twinkle was a gift during the book where Drizzt (and pals) go after to save Regis from Pasha Pook. He was given it by one of the Harpell’s. He learned of its power’s at the same time.

  31. Comment by Fullbody:

    I know i would buy that game, Entrerishadow. ;)

  32. Comment by rick:

    Accually fullbody in demon stone Drizzt was in it and you accually got to play as him

  33. Comment by Azure Kite:

    A Drizzt game would be damn good, as long as you can match his speed. For trivia purposes, he was also in Baldurs Gate and Baldurs Gate 2 for the PC. If you used the cheats, you could play as him, and anyone in his team.

  34. Comment by rick:

    yea i remeber that also that was kool

  35. Comment by Drizztlov1:

    I love the books. They are the best thing that happened to me. And Drizzt Rocks and it kills me when People on lavender Eyes make him gay with Artimas. I try hard to get them to stop but to many other people support it. So if you get the chance go to lavendereyes and go to images then search Danayala and leave your thoughts on her gay pics, its a disgrace to Drizzt and R.A. Salvatore. So please help protect Drizzt’s honor. and mark your coments as DD FAN.
    Thank you

  36. Comment by Wulfgarthemighty:

    a game with the Drizzt books would be the longest games ans game series but i would buy them all!!(mak ‘em for the PS2)

  37. Comment by frozenhero:

    I’d like to see a video game like the old Icewind Dale games on PC, where you control a party of characters in a D&D system (Like Balder’s Gate, etc) from a top-down perspective. You could guide them through a series of linear dungeons and adventures. This is something you could base loosely on the books, with your party being Drizzt, Bruenor, Wulfgar, Cattie-brie, and Regis. every so often you could run into someone that could temporarily join your party in the open 6th slot, like Deudermont or Harkle Harple.

    another way to do it would be something like Oblivion, where you are given control of Drizzt from a 1st/3rd person perspective. like Oblivion, the game play could be very ‘sandbox’-like, where you roam and do what you like. in this game, Icewind dale could be your sandbox. you could travel into the Ten-towns and find adventures, or roam the dale and find various dungeons or wandering monsters.

  38. Comment by drizzt rocks:

    im ten and i luv drizzt. i wish they made a game about drizzts life like homeland exile and sojurne as the first game like you could meet belwar clacker and meet mooshie and like be the hunter

  39. Comment by drizzt rocks:

    haseo15: make a great drizzt game if it comes out in 2008 it would rock

  40. Comment by drizzt rocks:

    drizzt rocks and have you guys checked out the d&d icing ddeath battle wit h wulfgar and drizzt with icing death

  41. Comment by Robillard:

    I have also read every novel. You guys should check out the Graphic Novels; they are incredible; they have Homeland, Exile, Sojourn, The Crystal Shard, and Streams of Silver. The artwork is excellently done. If you are a crazy fan like me and like throwing your money away on useless yet awesome things, you can also purchase replicas of Icingdeath and Twinkle from places like Atlanta Cutlery and Museum Replicas Limited. They are excellently made. And my thoughts on the video game: I think the game should start when Drizzt first comes out of the Underdark; he is experienced in fighting already but new to the World of Daylight. He can learn skills as you play; eventually he can visit Montolio to learn new abilities, and so forth. I would love to be on the story and design of that one, because only a true fan could do it right X-D.

  42. Comment by drizzt rocks:

    im with ya robillard

  43. Comment by Eld:

    hello drizzt is the best character ive ever seen hes in alot of games and i know one of them. he plays a very importent part in Demon Stone in the level of mithril hall :) Enjoy

  44. Comment by Eld:

    hey haseo if you could it would be awsome if you could make a game of drizzt. i like robilliards idea but he should have some part in the underdark with Zaknafien and dinin and all of them because in exile i would love to play the part were drizzt fights briza and dinin :)

  45. Comment by Ouroch:

    Has anyone heard of Demon Stone for the xbox, there is one chapter in the game where you can play Drizzt with the help of the Butbuster Pwent i believe it is at the outside entrance of Mithril Hall.

  46. Comment by Robillard:

    Yes; I have heard of Demon Stone; unfortunately you get to play Drizzt for far too short a time, and although his fighting skill is awesome the brief stint you get with him leaves you wanting a LOT more. Along with my earlier comment, I also agree with Eld in that gamers should experience some of Drizzt’s time in the Underdark, but that could be solved quite easily with in-game flashbacks. Also, if you ‘complete’ a flashback, you could gain a new skill; example: Flashback to “Training With Zak” completed: Gain “Double Cross-Down Parry”, etc. That would be a cool way to learn new abilities and the like. The Gutbuster Brigade FTW!!!!

  47. Comment by drizzt rocks:

    its gutbuster not butbuster

  48. Comment by rick:

    any of you guys getting the crazy haardcovers?

  49. Comment by Cattie-brie:

    I wish! but there’s a problem…I can’t afford it!

  50. Comment by rick:

    lol thats sucks im waitong for the pirate king to come out and the silent blade hardcover to come out . Did anyone like the orc king?

  51. Comment by drizzt rocks:

    i get the scimitars made out of metal when im 13

  52. Comment by Kyrillos:




  53. Comment by lakieth:

    slice were all about to die from jarlaxles blade tellin artemis drizzt is alive that

  54. Comment by Laithius:

    Well I’m 13 and just started the Dark Elf Series 2 days ago and have read the first 2 books.
    So far…Drizzt = Teh Win so far
    Really looking forward to reading the following books, The only problem is I read them to fast so I got to keep buying more books lol

  55. Comment by scimitar blade:

    who here has read the silent blade

  56. Comment by Tao Shuai:

    So it would be pretty sweet if you could get all the different pictures or Drizzt on this site.

  57. Comment by pilage:

    About the pictures…That would be a copy-write nightmare. Having all the pictures would be very cool but the people and companies who created those pictures may take issue with them being here.
    I am not affiliated with R.A. Salvatore, Wizards of the Coast or anyone else for that matter. I am just a fan who lucked out in getting the domain and I am sure if it was more than just a first name they could have pulled the intellectual property thing and taken it over. So I will try do what I can to avoid upsetting any authorities over at the Salvatore and Wizards camps’. If those camps would like to provide me with content and will happily put it up here but I don’t think my site is high on their todo list.


  58. Comment by drows_speed:

    drizzt’s dear gwenwyvar is a she but others refer to her as a he because of her power/strength, but she is a she

  59. Comment by DrIzzitrules:

    I love the forgotten realms books and my all time fave is the drizzit ones. Im reding them and i just finished passage to dawn where wulfgar comes back, and i have a question does drizzit and cattie-bri ever get together?

  60. Comment by haseo15:

    Hey Pilage, if you ever need any help with updateing this website, just tell me i can design websites pretty well and i am going into website design as my profession. So if you ever need any help with this site just ask me. Thanks


    Here’s my Email: codyperry65@yahoo.com

  61. Comment by haseo15:

    Come join my group on Facebook, http://www.legendofdrizzt.com, website coming soon.

  62. Comment by haseo15:

    http://www.legendofdrizzt.com website launched come check it out and see us on the forums.



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