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  1. Comment by fanofdrizzt:

    about what?

  2. Comment by pilage:

    Who knows…just something interesting ;)

  3. Comment by sidneymcl:

    Know anything about the next Drizzt adventure? Just finished rereading Hunter’s Blade and looking for the next. Own a library of around 300 books and I know the story behind Gauntlegrim is in one of them, just can’t remember which. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

  4. Comment by Drizzt lova:

    my questions why wont any1 make movies about drizzt? No offence to Eragon cause i love Eragon but Drizzt’s been out longer and they’ve already made a movie on Eragon Y not DRIZZT?????

  5. Comment by Fantasy Freak:

    Well, looking at it from a funders ponit of view, they would have to make the first movie amazing to attract an audience. I know the book is awsome and that whoever is reading this is probably thinking, “This guy is crazy, who wouldn’t want to watch a movie with TONS of fighting,” but a lot of people would just think of Eragon and say, “Well if it’s a repeat of THAT movie then forget this one.” And others would say, “Well there’s no way it’s going to be as good as Lord of the Rings, so why bother?”

    Even if they made the first movie as good as the book (which in my opinion would make rocord breaking money) the second and third would also have to be really well produced and directed in order to attract enough attention.

    It would be a dream come true if all of this happened, and I would watch them every weakend. But, thinking realisticly, there’s no way anyone would fund the production of, what, like, fifteen movies. People would just get bored of Drizzt (which I think is a crime against nature) and so they wouldn’t watch the movies.

  6. Comment by Zaknafein:

    They should put the series together, like Homeland, Exile, and Sojourn together in one movie, and the Icewind Dale trilogy into another. It would save the monotony of 15 movies

  7. Comment by Fantasy Freak:

    ya but there’s a lot in those trilogies and I don’t think you’d be doing them justice by making them into one movie.

  8. Comment by Zaknafein:

    good point.

  9. Comment by haseo15:

    drizzt is the best book ever

  10. Comment by Drizzt lova:

    it would have to be like a 6hr. movie if u put Homeland,Exile,and Sojurn all in 1 movie just to get all the important parts and details in it would b to long to watch it all but i would try. but i see where you’re comin from on the funders point of view fantasy.

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  11. Comment by randomcomments:


  12. Comment by drizztfan:

    has nyone but myself read the cleric quintet? its 4 books about cadderly and his learning of his powers and how to use

  13. Comment by Wulfgarthemighty:

    runescape is a good game, what’s ur name on it? mines lagolas226.

  14. Comment by Eld:

    wow guys no offense but i find runescape is very boring compared to world of warcraft or guildwars but i liked runescape for a while but the fightings realy boring and the travaling sucks and the quests are just plain stupid you dont get crap all from them so switch to W.o.W

  15. Comment by scimitar blade:

    runescape is pretty cool but i like aqworlds the same amount the address is http://www.aqworlds.com

  16. Comment by Saralen:

    I personally think that they shouldn’t make a movie about it… but a TV series. If they were to make it into a movie, it would be several hours long and they probably wouldn’t get the good details in (like Eragon, that pissed me off). If it were a TV series it would probably be more popular, more people would read the books and on top of that, fan stuff. Plush Guen, Drizzt fathead, scimitars made correctly, halloween costumes, and other bits of merchandise.

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