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The Orc King is out. As NINx pointed out below.

i saw a cool add for it on another site and looked around to see if i could put it up here but couldn’t find it.


Your Drizzt Stories

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How did you find out about Drizzt? Any interesting stories?

Here’s my not-so-interesting story. Around 1994 my grandma bought a couple fantasy books as presents. “Azure Bonds” and “The Crystal Shard.” I read and fell in love with both. But both were first printings, so I didn’t know either had sequels. Then in 1999 I was with at a friend’s house and noticed “The Crystal Shard” on a shelf. He told me about the Icewind Dale trilogy and let me borrow the books. I’ve since bought atleast one copy of each book since.

Almost 20 Years

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In 2008 The Crystal Shard will be 20 years old. To commemorate this anniverary, the Legend of Drizzt series will be re-released in 20th Anniversay Hardcover Collector Editions. You can preorder the first two books on Amazon now.


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A new Drizzt trilogy will be coming. The first book “The Orc King” will be released this fall, with “The Pirate King” and “The Ghost King” soon to follow.

Amazon lists “The Orc King” as being released on September 25, 2007.


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I moved the posts about the books to the “Books” page.

Check it out!


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I have invited NINx to become an editor for
This means NINx will be able to add and change content.
I hope NINx will accept this responsibility so that more content will make it’s way to the site.

An Update

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I have been playing around with some toys for the site. The way I posted this is one of them.

I am posting this from my phone. Maybe this way I can do something with the site.

I won’t get much time to do updates as I am implementing a new ERP system at work. I will do what I can.

Go ahead and post replies on the Drizzt page to contribute content if you would like. Yup, that is an attempt to get you guys to do some of the work too =)
See ya Pilage

Moving Away from Nuke

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Sorry to all the people that visited and contributed to when it was in its Nuke form.

I needed to find something easier(faster) to use. I have very little time to work on this site and hopefully WordPress will allow me to do some regular updates.